About Us

Where we hope to differentiate ourselves from an ever-growing industry, is simply by developing our customer relationships beyond business, creating an easy and friendly environment. We are proud to hold our customers as friends.

Our philosophy is to provide an honest and direct service, taking responsibility for your freight, fulfilling your logistical requirements from start to finish. We offer a hassle-free, no fuss service, offering simple and straight-forward advice.

Whilst customer service is key, equally important is to find the most economical method of transport for your goods, combining both cost and time restraints to fulfil your criteria. We are fully aware that every business is different and unique, and we therefore adapt our service accordingly to accommodate your specific needs.


Being a totally independent UK forwarder, Oceanwide benefits from the luxury of a vast network of global agents, all of which have been tried and tested and provide their own specialised service. We are not limited or tied to any specific group or network which allows us to provide the bespoke solutions that are required in today’s evolving market.

Our pro-active and hands-on approach relieves the logistical stresses and allows you to concentrate on your core business. With Oceanwide Freight you can be assured your freight is in safe hands.