Cross Trade

In an ever expanding business world where new companies are born every day, we are aware that it’s not just freight forwarding that is a competitive market. We have found a lot of customers seek sales from outside the UK and in order to keep costs to a minimum their goods are transported from their overseas factory direct to their overseas customer, resulting in a cross-trade movement.

Oceanwide are vastly experienced within Cross-Trade movements using our knowledge and equally experienced overseas agencies to provide a seamless transaction, with a huge influence on keeping all parties happy and satisfied, including our customers end user.

With production predominately in the Far East, our Cross-Trade can link your overseas factory to all worldwide destinations including the Middle East & the African Continent.

Shipping to the African continent brings various obstacles including moving freight to land-locked countries. Oceanwide have reliable partners within Africa and together we can find the best solution to deliver goods safely through remote areas and inland borders, taking advantage of our partners local customs knowledge for smooth transition to the point of delivery.